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Hotel Lõokese is located on Hiiumaa’s south coast, one kilometer from Käina village.

The fastest way to reach Hiiumaa is by airplane from Tallinn. After a mere half-hour flight, you will arrive in Kärdla, where you may be met by our driver, who will bring you to the hotel in comfort.

You can also travel to Hiiumaa by car, crossing the sea with ferry from Rohuküla to Heltermaa. The ferry from the mainland to Hiiumaa takes an hour and a half. Hiiumaa has also regularly scheduled, fast bus service several times a day, connecting travelers from Heltermaa Harbor and the airport, as well as large and small communities, directly with Käina.

By ferry from the the mainland (Rohuküla Harbor) Heltermaa Harbor - Käina 20 km

By ferry from Saaremaa (Triigi Harbor) Sõru Harbor – Käina 30 km

By air from Tallinn (Tallinn Airport) Kärdla Airport – Käina 25 km

If you prefer to discover Hiiumaa on your own, you may rent a car, use the bus lines, move with the help of an environmentally friendly bicycle, travel by boat and enjoy the more down to earth side of life.